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Of all the stars in the universe, you shine the brightest. Welcome to retrograde readings. 




I love how self-assured I felt when getting my results. I don't know much about astorlogy but sometimes we need people to inform us we are worthy of different paths ahead of us




The reading gave me insights and trust that my life is on the correct path and get answers that allowed me to connect ideas that I already had with my intution. 




It was fun and has helped me see myself as very unique human and there's no one like me out there and

I have a purpose in this universe.




Camille was so helpful and creative with suggestions practices to move forward and come out of stagnation. Her energy is very enlightening in itself.

Frequently Asked Questions

1 / What sets Retrograde Readings apart?

At Retrograde Readings, we believe in empowering you to your potential. Our readings provide insight on longstanding difficulties, past life karma, and future possibilities as it ties into the present. In our readings, we explain how each planet affects you and how each planet impacts each other. 

2 / How long is each reading?

Our Ascending Arrangement is 30 minutes, while the Milky Way Package is up to 60 minutes. Our Twin Flame Package is 90 minutes because it reflects on the charts of you and another person and our Constellation Crate is 90 minutes because it reflects your birth chart and numerology. Please check our Book Online page for availability.

3 / Do you provide workshops for 5+ people?

Absolutely! Retrograde Readings loves to educate folks on all things astrology and numerology. For workshops of more than 5 people, please email for group discounts. 

4 / What is your policy on refunds and rescheduling?

Please reference our Policies page for more information.


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